Christian Gifts

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Christian Gift

A wonderful gesture for special occasions is a thoughtful gift that is sentimental and memorable. For Christian Gifts, a decorative cross is the way for those to display their faith in Christ throughout their home. Beautiful gifts from nail crosses, painted crosses, engraved crosses are perfect for special occasion gifts. Be creative for Christian gifts for holidays and celebrations with the the memorable pieces for Christian wall decor. We have 5 tips for choosing the perfect Christian gift for your next special occasion. 

  1. Know the style and interests of your recipient – To personalize your Christian gift, be in tune with the style and interest of your recipient. Is your family member’s home decorated in muted, cool colors? A Stacked Cross lightly painted in a sky blue or neutral color would be the perfect addition to any wall or bookshelf. Are you purchasing a gift for your coworker? Take note of their existing office decor and a scripture plaque in the complimentary colors would look nice and offer daily encouragement. Consider an unfinished cross for a college graduate so they can paint colors to correspond with their college colors. Decorative crosses look beautiful in seasonal decorations such as fall or harvest wreaths, Thanksgiving tablescapes, Christmas decoration on a mantle with tinsel and holly berry garland and Easter baskets nestled among decorative eggs and Easter chocolates.
  2. The more the merrier -Why not purchase several decorative crosses from stacked crosses to nail crosses so your recipient can use to make a wall collage as a statement piece in their home. Nail Crosses are beautiful addition to an office or home study as a constant reminder of Christ’s sacrifice and love for all. A current trend in decorating homes is a wall with a beautiful assortment of decorative crosses in a grouping with family photographs. Crosses in various finishes look nice with a monochromatic picture frames on a wall as a focal point. Using a nail cross and stacked crosses intertwined with meaningful photographs serve as a constant connection between faith and family. The source of strength and hope in a Christian home is the identification of a strong faith in God’s constant guidance and unending love. Giving a gift of a cross is beautiful testament of faith, love and hope in God.
  3. Give the gift of words of encouragement and wisdom – Besides the kind gesture of a giving a Christian gift of crosses, having a meaningful Bible verse displayed on Scripture Plaques can be source of constant encouragement and guidance. For the high school and college graduate a great gift would be a scripture plaque with the Bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

A wonderful gift for a friend or family member that is beginning a new career is a scripture plaque with the Bible verse, Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” A new Christian would greatly appreciate a scripture plaque to offer a daily visible reminder of their newfound faith in Christ with the Bible verse, John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” To offer a source of encouragement to a Christian battling a health condition give a scripture plaque as a gift with the Bible verse, Matthew 19:26, “With God all things are possible.”

  1. Creativity goes a long way – A special gift for friends and family is an Unfinished Cross. For the budding artist or creative person in your family, a gift that adds an element of spontaneity with the ability to paint and decorate is the perfect gift. Stacked crosses in a myriad of colors and styles allows the recipient to use their imagination to decorate their home with their gift. Once painted in the style of your choice, it can then be incorporated into other home decor or displayed alone for a tasteful accent to any room. Unfinished crosses are a great gift for bible study groups and church friends. Painting unfinished crosses are also great for church groups, bible study fellowships and family craft time.

A current trend in painting is chalk painting to make finishes look aged and antique with gorgeous pastels, classic matte finishes and a creative combination of colors. An unfinished cross can be a blank canvas to give as a great gift for a budding artist, creative college student or an art major the opportunity to let their talent shine.

  1. Salvation and Sacrifice is the Ultimate Reminder – For Christians, a cross is the symbol of Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for all of mankind. A cross reminds Christians that salvation has come to everyone through Jesus Christs’ sacrifice and love. A wonderful gift for Christians is a nail cross. Nail crosses are offered in various styles of pine and cedar wood with stain colors of oak, cherry, mahogany. They can also be decorated with different size and type of nails that are unfinished, polished, or wrapped with copper wire. They can be displayed on a wall, shelf or table, as well as a collage with other art and keepsake items such as other styles of crosses.

Gifts for any occasion are thoughtful gesture that the giver can use their creativity to make the recipient feel special. Christian gifts have a true meaningful message as the foundation is based on Christ’s love and an unwavering faith in the hope and love of Jesus Christ. Decorative crosses and scripture plaques make beautiful gifts to give to a Christian family member, church friend or acquaintance who has recently became a new Christian. Crosses-N-More is the perfect place to find unique, creative, thoughtful Christian gifts from stacked crosses, unfinished crosses, scripture plaque, and gorgeous nail crosses for your next special occasion.