Cross Gifts

Gifts are a wonderful way to express to someone your gratitude of a friendship, love, congratulations, appreciation and more. Crosses are great gift ideas for a variety of celebrations such as graduations, birthdays, holidays and special days such as Mother’s Day. Giving a decorative cross, nail cross, painted cross, engraved cross, stacked cross, scripture cross as a gift for any of those events sends a strong message of hope, love, strength and appreciation. Cross gifts expresses the strong faith of the giver and receiver and also is a way of sending a special message of the gift of salvation.

Graduation is special occasion and an Engraved Cross or scripture cross would be an excellent congratulatory gift to celebrate the occasion. Engraved crosses have inspirational messages in which can inspire the graduate towards their future job search and career goals. Scripture crosses can inspire the graduate in a way that gives them strength and faith based in God’s word and promises to us in the days ahead. These crosses can be painted in a variety of ways such as the colors of their alma mater to represent their devotion to the sports team.
Colors of painted crosses can also be a reflection of their educational focus such as a green or earth toned painted cross can be a great tone for those agricultural and environmental graduates. A red painted cross can be a wonderful gift for graduates of science and health related fields.

Mothers are a wonderful part of our lives and giving a Decorative Cross to a beloved mother during Mother’s Day is the perfect way to show her how much she is loved, adored and appreciated. We offer many styles and paint combinations for the wide variety of crosses we offer at Crosses-N-More. You can combine these wonderfully crafted crosses with other items or give them individually to any sweet mother for a meaningful gift. For mothers that love outdoor activities we have beautifully painted earth toned crosses. For the mom who loves water, we offer beautiful shades of blue. A professional minded mother may love the red and gold cross options. New mothers would love our cross options that are pink or light blue in color. Most of the colors of crosses are also available in a variety of Stacked Crosses that add an interesting dimensional look to cross decor when hanging on a wall. Your special mother will love how a cross enhances their home with an expression of faith and elegant style.

Presenting a decorative, painted or Nail Cross for a birthday can be a wonderful and memorable gift to give the honoree on their special day. Like a prayer for the future and a grateful thank you for the Lord’s blessings and provision for the years past, a cross can represent a physical representation of these things to the birthday gift recipient. A nail cross is a strong representation of our salvation through Christ and the combination of choice wood from pine or cedar along with a beautiful stain in the colors of either oak, cherry, or mahogany can be a great birthday gift for a man. These crosses are attached with different size and type of nails that can either be unfinished, polished or wrapped with copper wire. For a man as the birthday gift recipient, Nail crosses specifically look great in environments such as executive office spaces, hunting lodges, tinker shops, man-caves, automotive garages, camp houses and other similar areas. For women, Nail crosses or decorative crosses look great as decor for the kitchen or living spaces of a home, as a adornment for an area of the home used for prayer and reflection,
on a mantle in the family living room, and as a decorative item all around the home. Giving a cross as a birthday gift is a way of providing an expression of care and love for the individual in that the cross will be a reminder to that person daily of Christ’s sacrifice for us.

During Christmas, giving gifts of crosses to your friends and loved ones are a way to express our belief in the reason for the season for which Christ was born so that He may die one day for our sins. No other gift is like opening a colorful box with a big Christmas bow and finding a beautifully decorated reminder of Christ’s love yet emphasizing the whole reason we celebrate that wonderful day in December. As a gift the crosses can be an expressive way to show Faith and belief in God for the recipient to hang on their wall or display on a table. Scripture crosses are especially thoughtful during Christmas. For example Luke 2:14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men – is a great scripture for a cross during Christmas. Cross gifts can be combined with items such as a bible, a beautiful rosary, a daily devotional, a sentimental photograph and other things that compliment a thoughtful gift such as this. What a wonderful time of the year Christmas is for giving and no better time than this to bless someone with a gift of a decorative cross.

Easter is a time of celebration of our sins being washed away by Christ Jesus and His sacrifice for us. A gift of a decorative cross or nail cross given to a loved one on Christmas morning is a special way to share and remind us of this Truth. A beautiful scripture cross or engraved cross with the scripture of Matthew 28:8 He is not here for He has RISEN just as he said. These crosses can be painted with beautiful Easter colors such as light greens, purples and blues but they will also look great year round in the home of the special friend or beloved family member who is receiving the gift.

A cross is a great gift for any believer and for any occasion. We offer a wide variety of cross designs with beautiful paint colors and techniques as well as multiple stains to create a cross that will be beautiful in the home of the gift recipient. Please visit our website to view our many stunning cross options that could be a wonderful gift for that special person in your life.